last night the sky was on fire. I actually woke up quite a few times due to very bright auroras…

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don’t eat yellow snow.

vor 10 Monaten

forest tracks

We’ve tried kick bikes for the first time with two dogs each yesterday. it was a fun experience!

vor 10 Monaten


Today we went snowboarding at SAARISELKÄ! It’s the Northernmost Ski Resort in Europe. Over the last days it has been…

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Kosher Dill Pickle – New York Style

A recipe variation from GUT. GUT. ( by Adina Bier:„High in Antioxidants, Beta-Carotene, Vitamine C, E, & Electrolytes“ two, 2…

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This is what I was working on over the last two years!We went through some crazy up & downs I…

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sauerkraut recipe

1 kg of shaved white cabbage1 tbs clove3 tbs salt !!! SAVE a few sheets of cabbage + the end…

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