Campfire Barista in Levi

What to do in Levi:

Well, this is probably the most original coffee bar I have visited in my life time so far. „HaaPuu’s Campfire Barista“ is a mobile coffee bar on a sled towed by a ski-doo(!) and is heated by a little self made stove (wood fired). Instead of a espresso machine, Stefan uses little Italian coffee makers and some pots with special strainers to make incredible lattes and other coffee specialties. He also makes a special Chai with Chaga Mushrooms (hand picked in Lappland!). I recommend trying this for sure but also a classic Latte/Cappuccino.

The coffee is roasted by Metsäpaahtimo in Luumaki/Finland. The little coffee roastery is just a little container powered by solar panels on the roof. Pretty clever..

This is his Instagram feed:

Picture by @lomapaksu (Instagram)

I also bought some of the campfirebarista blend by Metsäpaahtimo and tried it at home:

Campfirebarista coffee roasted by Metsäpaahtimo (Forest roastery)
Thank you so much for stainer, Stefan!

It was very nice meeting Stefan and I hope to see him again one day.

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